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Printing what you need when you need it

Is technology taking advantage of you?
Or are you taking advantage of technology?

The technology revolution. To many, a metaphor for lightning speed and frequent change. And ultimately, wasted documentation for many companies.

But to Western Graphics' customers, technology is simply a revolutionary idea. No more obsolete copies. No more wasted time. No more wasted money. You print your documentation in the quantity you need, right when you need it. So it always includes the latest revisions. And you give your customers the most current info.

Print-On-Demand lets you:
Eliminate paste-up, mechanicals and negatives.
Supply your files on standard media, hard copy, or by FTP, e-mail, or modem.
Process direct to the DocuTech DigiPath system or go direct to plate.
Distribute your documents electronically for output in strategic locations worldwide.
Store your document in an electronic library, giving you instant access for changes or additional copies.

Unmatched turnaround time
No inventory costs
Print and pay for what you need when you want
No over-runs
No under-runs
All material is up-to-date
Page revisions made up to the minute before project completes
No out-of-date material sitting on shelves collecting dust
No out-of-date materials to discard
No returns of unused materials

Many of our clients, such as financial institutions and medical product companies, have time-critical projects that demand high-quality output. That's why they turn to Western for all their copying and duplicating needs. Our full-range of digital printing systems- including 5 Xerox Monochrome Production Printers and 2 Xerox iGen3 Full Color Digital Production Presses - can easily reach volumes in excess of 44,000 black-and-white and 12,000 color impressions per hour, which means we always have the capacity to get your projects produced and out the door quickly.

With the capabilities of printing directly from your electronic files, our network of Xerox DocuTech Production Publishers save you from the time-consuming steps of conventional printing. No more films, paste-ups, or plates to keep you from your demanding deadlines.

You don't have your file in electronic format? We have Scan-To-Print capabilities. You can bring us your paper documents and we'll digitize them for you. We can also archive those files for future use.

Western's efficient service doesn't stop when your last document is printed. We can save you time and money by binding, warehousing and shipping your documents. We'll warehouse your documents traditionally, or eliminate the cost of ordering and storing large stockpiles of materials with our electronic warehousing. It's easy. We'll store your documents digitally and have them ready to be printed- on demand.

Our inventory system is customized to meet the special needs of each customer. It allows inventory levels to be tracked and monitored on a daily basis. We can setup automatic reorder points, which trigger reprints of publications when needed.

This is where technology meets functionality. Whether you currently manage your documentation electronically or if you're just getting started, Western Graphics can provide you with the training, service and quality assurance to help your company revolutionize your documentation printing.

This is Western Graphics- a single source for printing, duplicating, kitting, fulfillment and shipping. Contact us today. And we'll make documentation-on-demand a reality for your company too.