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Online Ordering

Imagine streamlined print purchasing, available from any desktop in a highly secure and personalized online environment. No more faxing orders, no more managing different standards, no more phone tag, no more confusion.

Decentralized Ordering, Centralized Control
WestNet, Western Graphics e-procurement system, offers online ordering, distribution, order tracking and customized reporting. Customers can place orders from their online catalogs, and multiple users can order and reorder materials. Once they submit orders online, end users can track order status online and keep in touch with us through online messaging. You know what's being ordered, who's ordering it and when you'll receive it.

You access WestNet entirely online. No hardware to buy. No software to install. You and your organization can getup and running quickly and easily.

WestNet Makes Your Job Easier
WestNet gives purchasing employees more time to spend on strategic tasks, rather than the repetition of processing print order forms. With WestNet you can fulfill your printing needs much faster. Ordering print used to be a manual process. It was one of those tasks you set aside until you could get to it. Now you are able to order print materials faster and focus on other important tasks. You can access WestNet to check order statuses, obtain shipping information and generate reports online.

It's almost hands-free. Technology advancements like e-procurement and print-on-demand are taking a ton of time out of print buying. With WestNet you're able to see exactly what you're ordering- including specifications, pricing and an image. All in a matter of minutes.

WestNet Benefits
• 25% Less Fulfillment Cost
• 20% Less Printing Costs
• 50% Less Back Orders
• 70% Less Inventory
• Less Ordering Errors
• Elimination of Paper Proofs and Invoices
• No More Guessing About Order Activity
• Greater Staff Productivity
• Access is Secure and Pass-Word Protected
• Streamlined Workflow and Order Process
• Print Supply Chain Management
• Marketing Branding Control
• Internal E-Procurement System Integration, i.e. Ariba

Call us to schedule a demo of WestNet. Last year we processed over 10,000 electronic orders through WestNet. We're ready when you are!