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Digital Printing

The future of custom communication- digital printing- is already here...

You're invited to join a revolution- a historic explosion of technologies, known collectively as digital printing, that is transforming the art of communication. In an age of increasingly targeted, database-driven marketing, we can now offer our clients unprecedented ability to communicate one-to-one with their customers.

Mass marketing is out; relevant 1:1 marketing is in.
Study after study has proven that more focused, more interactive, more knowledgeable communication with customers makes better use of printing budgets and achieves greater results, especially when printed pieces are in color. Variable data and personalization allow you to create unique printed pieces targeted toward individual recipients. This capability is impossible to perform on traditional offset presses because they use "fixed image" printing plates.

Using Western Graphics' advanced digital publishing systems; you can vary not only the text but also the imagery to improve overall effectiveness and response rates of your various products. You can vary the text and imagery in black–and–white or color, and you can print 10,000 copies or just one copy. You are no longer limited to working with a database of names, address and titles. You can now see each individual you are speaking to and can match the text and the image with the individual. Jobs can potentially be 100% variable with each document containing different logos, photos, graphics, sizes, layouts and backgrounds.

Faster, Finer
With digital printing, mini- and micro-runs are not only possible, they're fast and cost effective. You need smaller inventories. You print fewer pieces per market segment- accurately targeted pieces that reach customers who matter. All with a quality that's beginning to rival traditional printing.

Closer Control
The distance between your computers and our pressroom is shrinking. Digital printing lets you control every element- text, color, images- of every piece in a run. At last, our customers can realize the full potential of their marketing databases. Whatever you can conceive, we can help you realize.

On-demand printing is to traditional personalization what the personal computer is to the manual typewriter. For the first time, your clients can communicate with the marketplace, one customer at a time, without compromise. And we can help you deepen that communication, run after run, year after year.

Bigger Bang
Digital printing has cut through the old production chain in direct marketing. The old lines between customization and personalization have been erased. The old economics of short vs. long press runs no longer apply.

Do you want an individual brochure for each customer? You can get it. Do you want to refine databases and concentrate on consumers who really matter? We can help you do it. You'll generate more sales for every printing dollar and build a lasting relationship with Western Graphics.

Fewer Bucks
Sophisticated database marketing was once reserved for large corporations with national markets and millions to spend developing them. No longer. Thanks to digital printing, you can get the power of targeted, direct marketing regardless of your size. By sending fewer pieces to the right people, you can establish personal, customized communication with valued customers- at costs that make targeted marketing a good investment even in local markets.

We offer the advantages of digital print-on-demand with offset color printing capabilities to ensure that you get the most effective document solutions. You can print anything from extensive manuals to a one-page form. Contact Us today and we'll help you achieve greater results on your next custom communications project.