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Our goal is to work with our customers to receive their information in the best possible way to improve job turnaround and reduce costly charges that occur when data is not handled most effectively for both parties.

But, another goal is to work with our customers to give information back in a format that is most useful to them. This may entail sending back your files in an HTML or Adobe PDF format for electronic distribution on your Website or Intranet. For some customers, it also may entail weekly or monthly customized reports that integrate with your company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, supply chain management program (SCM), or other procurement systems. Examples of these corporate information systems include; Peoplesoft, SAP, Ariba, Oracle, etc.

Customizing reports so that your data is in the format your company wants is something we want to help with. If you want the report without sales tax, just ask for it. Maybe you want to add your internal general ledger account number or the department's cost center you are buying the print for, we can do it for you. It makes the relationship smoother, improves your buying decisions, and minimizes everybody's time spent working with this sometimes overlooked data.

To help our customers transfer, share, and manage information more effectively, we have invested in the following technologies:

Accepted Media of Data
Zip Disk
Floppy Disk
E-commerce print software

Accepted Formats of Data
Many Others

Database Management
Manage your database, providing list building and maintenance; including programming, data entry, updating, and file conversions is yet another group of services Western Graphics provides.

Additional Data Services
List building
List maintenance
Data Entry
File Conversions