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Western Graphics Launches New Annual Theme: Best Classic TV Sitcoms!

Western Graphics Launches New Annual Theme: Best Classic TV Sitcoms!

Click here to see our kickoff video for this year’s theme.

Over the past eight years we have had an annual theme that we use to drive our continuous improvement program. The idea is to get better, but have fun while accomplishing more. Last year our employee teams implemented over 400 improvement ideas. Improvements include finding and eliminating the most common forms of waste such as defects, waiting, overproduction, transportation, and motion. The goal is to find ways we can help our customers save time and money.

In past years our employees have been Superheroes, 80’s Hair Band Members, Astronauts and even Pirates. They’ve played Monopoly, been detectives on CSI: St. Paul and even survived a year of Survivor.

This year we are Classic TV Sitcoms. Our five teams will be competing with each other to win the coveted TV Land Emmy Award at our monthly all employee meeting. Our 5 teams this year are: Seinfeld, Three’s Company, Hogan’s Heroes, Cheers, and Gilligan’s Island.

If a team doesn’t make enough improvements, their show may be moved temporarily to the dreaded 3am Sunday morning timeslot where it will be harder to gather Emmy votes. The team with the most votes (improvements) at the end of the year will be inducted into TV Land’s Classic TV Sitcom Hall of Fame.

Contact us today to come see our live annual theme in action!

This year at our company luncheon we had our own version of the Emmy’s with visits from Norm from Cheers, Fonzi from Happy Days and even Edith and Archie Bunker from All in The Family. Click on the video above to see the fun!