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Western Graphics Launches New Annual Theme: Superheroes!

Western Graphics Launches New Annual Theme: Superheroes!

Over the past eight years we have had an annual theme that we use to drive our continuous improvement program. The idea is to get better, but have fun while accomplishing more. Last year our employee team completed over 400 improvement ideas.

In past years our employees have been 1980’s Hair Band Members (Battle of the 80’s Hair Bands ’13), Real Estate Tycoons (Monopoly ’12), Crime Solving Detectives (CSI: St. Paul ‘11), Pirates (Treasure Island ’10) and even Survivors (Tranquilidad Island ’09).

This year we are Superheroes. Our Superhero teams have formed the Justice Improvement League and will be fighting Supervillains each month that cause waste, errors and delays. We have 6 teams this year: Batman, The Hulk, Flash, The Wolverine, Mighty Mouse, and Underdog. The superhero teams will receive more superpowers with each completed improvement. They will use these powers to defeat a monthly Supervillain. If a team doesn’t make enough improvements, they lose their superpowers temporarily and return to being a mere mortal! The team with the most improvements at the end of each month will be declared the Strongest Superhero and become head of The Justice Improvement League for the following month.

Contact us today to come see our live annual theme in action!

This year our company luncheon was taken over by The Joker. Luckily, we had Superman and Batgirl in the audience to defeat this Supervillain.

Click here to see our kickoff video for this year’s theme.