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Western Graphics Offers Workshop On How To Create A Continuous Improvement Culture

Have Fun While Getting Better
Let’s face it: even though improvement tools (Lean, Six Sigma, etc.) are
effective, they don’t bring a lot of energy into a company. Yet the key to
getting real improvements is to get everyone involved in creating change
and having fun while doing it. “Change” and “fun” in the same sentence,
you say? How’s that possible?

Join us to learn how we have taken our Continuous Improvement Program
from a written document—that only a few people knew about—to an
energizing and culture-enhancing set of activities everyone is actively
involved in. The results? Over 3,000 documented improvements since 2009!

We will provide you with insightful examples of our successes and
challenges along the way, including:

• Using Annual Themes (Superheroes, ‘80s Hair Bands, Survivor)
to bring alive your Continuous Improvement Program
• Getting Continuous Improvement out of the toolbox and
into your culture
3 tools to help employees drive process improvements
• Ideas for team recognition and rewards
Results and lessons learned from our Lean journey
• Tour of the WGX production facility to see implemented

To reserve a seat for yourself and others, simply contact us via email or phone. We look forward to seeing you!

Click here to download the latest workshop information and upcoming dates. (PDF file - 299 KB)

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