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Continuous Improvement/Lean

What? No photo of the Continous Improvement/Lean Department?
There's no photo here because our entire organization comprises this philosophy. Our commitment to Lean manufacturing is more than just some kind of marketing jargon. We've invested in a Continuous Improvement Specialist who is also a Six Sigma Green Belt to further our continuous improvement initiatives.


Companies from around the world, from all industries, are now adopting the techniques and principles of lean manufacturing. This is not as prevalant in the printing industry yet but we see a great fit between the philosphies of Lean manufacturing and our client mission: Helping Our Customers Print Less

Lean manufacturing refers to a set of strategies and techniques implemented in the work place that aim to reduce, significantly cut down, operating costs and expenses of companies.

There are seven identified wastes that lean manufacturing intends to eliminate in the work place. These seven are identified as: over processing, over production, motion, transportation, waiting, inventory and scrap and defects.

Lean Manufacturing & Western Graphics

We see Lean manufacturing as a competitive advantage and a natural evolution of the service levels we offer to our clients. Because of the promises, the forecast and expected savings companies can reap from implementing lean manufacturing principles: we believe our long term success will be boosted and lifted up by the lean manufacturing approaches.

Western Graphics is taking the lead on implementing lean manufacturing techniques. Lean manufacturing will surely help us prosper and continue to grow.
We see Lean manufacturing as an opportunity to generate savings reduces operational costs and improve efficiency and competitiveness, and offer these gains directly to our clients.

This is a core part of Western’s DNA: help our clients provide a better return on their print investments. Lean is truly built for our culture.