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Xerox iGen4 Digital Color Production Press

Xerox iGen4 Digital Color Production Press

The Xerox iGen4® Digital Production Press and its revolutionary 4th generation imaging system gives your business an enormous edge through new services that you can offer to your customers.
These include high-quality color at a cost that makes sense even for short runs, print jobs—
from books to brochures and from statements to sell sheets—that grab their audience, personalized marketing pieces to dramatically increase the effectiveness of and response to printed communications.

iGen4 prints a benchmark gamut of CMYK process colors with excellent color rendering and with extremely accurate registration. The Press runs a wide array of stocks including coated (60 lb text to 130 lb cover or 90 g/m2 to 350 g/m2) or uncoated (16 lb bond to 130 lb cover or 60 g/m2
to 350 g/m2), smooth or textured, and specialty stocks and labels—in a sheet as large as 14.33" x 20.5" (364 x 521 mm).

The Press supports coated and uncoated text and cover weight precision cut sheets in a wide range of sizes, eliminating the need to cut down folio sheets and reducing the risk of equipment contamination from paper dust. The Press measures the color between every single impression, for consistency from sheet to sheet and shift to shift. Resolution is sharp and clear, with 600 x 600 x 8-bit continuous tone input transformed into 600 x 4800 x 1-bit printing.

Finally, iGen4 delivers a sheet with a uniform, low-gloss finish that’s dry and ready for bindery. The outcome is accurate, consistent, and predictable quality.


Does it have to be one or the other?
The value of iGen4 begins by being able to print exact quantities instead of thousands extra in an effort to bring down the per unit cost as in the offset world. And with iGen4, if you print too few, it is easy and inexpensive to print additional quantities that match the original run.

iGen4 is a complement to our offset environment. It provides offset quality and a digital workflow, offering the best of both worlds. iGen4 eliminates the manual preparation for offset, which makes color economical only as the quantities reach very high levels. The system’s digital front ends enable last-minute color corrections and easy reprints of stored print jobs. And iGen4 renders the exceptional image quality that will advance the perception of superior products and a superior company.

What does that mean? Simply that color is now more affordable than ever… in quantities that make sense for businesses that are moving forward at an increasing pace.